Atyrauinzhstroy company is a subsidiary of Almatyinzhstroy joint-stock company, which was founded on the basis of the Soviet trust Almaataspetsstroy in 1995. Bronislav Shin kept the legendary trust and then brought it to the leaders of the construction sector of Kazakhstan. He came into the industry in 1963 and to this day personally manages different large-scale projects. Thanks to his experience, energy, business acumen, and strategic planning skills Almatyinzhstroy holding company has been in the Forbes Kazakhstan business magazine’s Top 50 Largest Private Companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan rating for many years. The company’s revenue in December 2018 amounted to 47.47 billion tenges.


— Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Almatyinzhstroy JSC. He is the recipient of the Kurmet and Parasat orders, Honorary Builder of Kazakhstan and Honorary Professor of Kazakh Automobile and Road Academy named after L.B.Goncharov (KazADI). For his great services to the development of public life in the Republic of Korea he was awarded with the state national order “For Services to the Nation” by President Park Geun-hye.

“In the difficult years of 1997 and 1998, we came to Astana searching for construction contracts, I myself led the capital’s office. We signed up for an order for improvement of the Ishim River embankment. The quality of work was evaluated, including by the Administration of the President. And it so happened that in 1999 we decided to open a representative office in Atyrau, and at the same time, the first assistant to the President of Kazakhstan, Imangali Nurgalievich Tasmagambetov, was appointed as Akim of Atyrau region. Our company was known to him by the reviews in Astana, and we were able to secure a job here as well. He is known as a tough, demanding leader with high performance. We worked days and nights – we had a lot of work ahead – briefings and meetings used to be held right on sites. Although, we didn’t have any equipment, material and technical facilities or an office – we rented everything. Another Almaty road company Real way LLP came with us to the west of the country. We rented all the equipment from them, and they received it by barter from the Customer. It was purchased for the construction of Almaty airport runway, but work was stopped as there was no funding, and the State paid the company with road-building equipment. Such were the times, We rented asphalt plants from Taszhol LLP, they had three asphalt mixing plants purchased in the Soviet 80s and had been standing idle for 15 years due to the collapse of the Union, lack of funds, unemployment … They have never been used, but become obsolete, although had never been even installed. We had to install, repair, adjust the plants ourselves before renting them from the owners. Productivity, of course, was low – 20-30 tons per hour, this was just 2 machines. Today, our Atyrau plants produce 450 tons of asphalt concrete per hour. In 1999, we completed a scope worth barely a billion in Atyrau and after 2 decades scope of construction and installation works amounted to nearly 30 billion tenge.”

Reference: 2017 – 29.7, in 2018 – 22.5 billion tenges


— Co-founder, member of the Board of Directors of Almatyinzhstroy JSC, business adviser of Atyrauinzhstroy LLP. Orazbayev’s contribution to the development of the main construction work of the Republic of Kazakhstan was noted at the government level. He is a recipient of the Kurmet and Parasat orders and Honorary builder of Kazakhstan.

“The economic situation was very difficult throughout the country 20 years ago. My manager and close friend Bronislav Sergeeyevich Shin managed to maintain a large building trust Almatyinzhstroy during the most difficult times of the collapse of the Union and created JSC Almatyinzhstroy on its basis. He assembled a team, providing a big group of professionals with work during the time of severe unemployment. But the economic situation at the dawn of a market economy only worsened. There were no orders, no money, millions of debts, outdated equipment … At one of the January workshops of the joint-stock company, the idea to establish a representative office in the west of the country arose. We suggested that if the economy of Kazakhstan starts to rise from its knees, it would be only thanks to oil production. A month later, at a difficult moment threatening a complete disintegration, we were heading to the western region of our country to “pluck” the company. A new division of the company was registered in May – Atyrauinzhstroy which I led. And Bronislav Sergeyevich himself, head of the Almatyinzhstroy, came to help me.
That year oil price increased from 11USD to 26USD per barrel, and the USD exchange rate went up from 85KZT to 138KZT. Big oil money came into a sleepy provincial town with streets wet with eternal dirt, and the city began to build roads. More precisely, Atyrauinzhstroy began to build roads for the city, and afterwards for the entire Atyrau region. A few years later, at one of the major meetings, the head of the local administration admitted: “The Atyrauinzhstroy dispelled the myth that it is impossible to build quality roads in Atyrau!”