S. Orazbayev’s meeting with staff

S. Orazbayev’s meeting with staff

On May 5, 2022, in the office of Atyrauinzhstroy-AIS LLP a meeting was held between the co-founder of Atyrauinzhstroy-AIS LLP, Serik Yesserkepovich Orazbayev, and the Chairman of the Board of Founders, Vladimir Ivanovich Pak, and the staff of the company.

The meeting was attended by:

– Ismagulov Evgeny Zhumagaliyevich – Executive director of Almatyinzhstroy JSC;

– Abdygaparov Eric Almabekovich – Director of Kapshagai branch of Atyrauinzhstroy-AIS LLP;

– Erbol Kalibekovich Zhumagaliyev – Director of the branch of “Almatyinzhstroy” JSC Saryarka in Nur-Sultan;

The meeting was held in the form of business communication of employees of “Atyrauinzhstroy-AIS” LLP with guests from the Joint Stock Company and its branches.